Why blog?

This is the post excerpt.

In November 2016 I was banned from the website TERB where I had been a member for almost 11 years. 13,000+ posts, hundreds of reviews and recommendations on the board and by pm. No reason was given it was just arbitrary and indefinite in duration. Repeated attempts to get an explanation proved unsuccessful. The banning coincided with a local provider, Charlotte Edwards, taking offense to my comments on twitter regarding the US election. She requested that I stop replying to her posts which I happily complied with. But I guess that wasn’t enough. So she conspired with some of her peers (Chloee Rose being one) to have me silenced in the TERB community. They made false allegations against me that I was abusive and threatening to SW’s. Sadly this is what the ‘progressive’ left does – they seek to marginalize and silence those who have a different viewpoint than they. And they’ll stoop to any level to achieve that, including deceit. But it will backfire because I refuse to be silenced. This is a free country after all. I’m educated, intelligent and plugged in. Sure I could post on TERB under another handle but quite frankly they don’t deserve my contributions. I could post on other review sites but they have limitations and issues of their own. So I’ve started this blog instead. It will contain my reviews of time spent with local SP’s and MPA’s. I will also comment on a wide variety of topics – politics, social issues, music and sports. Just like I did on TERB. Hope you enjoy and feel free to comment.

Miss Chloee Rose

My MERB (non) review from 2014. Where the nonsense unfortunately began. It’s really too bad because I find Chloee to be stunning. Unfortunately, her character doesn’t come close to matching her physical beauty.

I find it unpleasant to write this review but in this case I feel that the membership needs to know about Mlle. Chloee’s time wasting capabilities. I did let her know that I would be writing this review and posting on both MERB and TERB.

I was visiting Montreal this past weekend for business purposes but decided that I would partake in a little extra curricular activities on Saturday evening. I checked MERB independents and saw that Chloee was going to be in town. Perfect. Sent her an email requesting a Saturday evening outcall appointment to my hotel and she quickly responded that she was free and would love to see me. In fact all her responses leading up to the day of the appointment were nice and quick, which I appreciated. She was also open to my wardrobe request.

Got checked in and proceeded to inform Chloee that I was getting settled and gave her my room number. Her response “Perfect, see you soon babe.” Then about an hour before our scheduled appointment she sends me an email asking if we can move it back 90 minutes. Not ideal but I obliged out of sheer horniness. From that point on it became an utter shit show. Her responses became erratic, confusing and then just ceased. I asked her 3 times to confirm she was coming for the later appointment time. On the third request I said please confirm that you will be here at xx:xx or else I will make alternate arrangements. Nothing. So I’m thinking to myself fuck, here I am downtown paying extra for downtown accommodations with a bottle of champagne and a couple other goodies and no backup plan in place. Checked merb, made a couple of inquiries but no viable options.
Then about an hour after the scheduled appointment she sends me an email “Hello, do you receive my emails or not?” trying to make it look like she maintained contact with me when she clearly went silent for 2.5 hours. I told her do not insult my intelligence and I accused her of bumping me for another client, maybe a regular. Her excuse for delaying the appointment was that her boss called her into the strip club. Then it became that she was having dinner with her parents. Either way it’s pretty obvious that the appointment we made before any of this was not on her priority list. As it turned out I got played for a fool..again. Yes this is actually the 2nd time she flaked on me – the first being back in Toronto around the holidays. Chalked that one up to time of year etc. Should have known better.

Since the date of the appointment Chloee and I have been going back and forth via email. She maintains that she has done nothing wrong that it was both our mistakes. It’s actually making me increasingly angry that she continues the charade instead of just owning up to her own failure to keep our appointment. At one point she has called me disrespectful and glad she didn’t see me and then in a subsequent email offers me a discount for a future appointment. That should tell you all you need to know about her character.


An ode to Charlotte

I got FemiNazis like @MsCharlotteX protesting my speech
Fuck that bitch you can’t impeach
My right to write and speak my mind
You can’t censor me the Community’s not blind
It’s time they knew what you’re all about
A petty immature brat, without a doubt
Now you go around spreadin’ lies to besmirch my rep
Step to me and you will regret
The name’s KD, my character is profound
I’ll promise you this – you can’t shut me down!