Why blog?

This is the post excerpt.

In November 2016 I was banned from the website TERB where I had been a member for almost 11 years. 13,000+ posts, hundreds of reviews and recommendations on the board and by pm. No reason was given it was just arbitrary and indefinite in duration. Repeated attempts to get an explanation proved unsuccessful. The banning coincided with a local provider, Charlotte Edwards, taking offense to my comments on twitter regarding the US election. She requested that I stop replying to her posts which I happily complied with. But I guess that wasn’t enough. So she conspired with some of her peers (Chloee Rose being one) to have me silenced in the TERB community. They made false allegations against me that I was abusive and threatening to SW’s. Sadly this is what the ‘progressive’ left does – they seek to marginalize and silence those who have a different viewpoint than they. And they’ll stoop to any level to achieve that, including deceit. But it will backfire because I refuse to be silenced. This is a free country after all. I’m educated, intelligent and plugged in. Sure I could post on TERB under another handle but quite frankly they don’t deserve my contributions. I could post on other review sites but they have limitations and issues of their own. So I’ve started this blog instead. It will contain my reviews of time spent with local SP’s and MPA’s. I will also comment on a wide variety of topics – politics, social issues, music and sports. Just like I did on TERB. Hope you enjoy and feel free to comment.

Author: kdouglassite

Long time respected former member of the TERB community. A community which I have devoted many hours of time and energy into. Met some great (and not so great) ladies over the years. Now onto a new journey - my unfiltered views and thoughts on the adult industry within the GTA and Montreal. The explicit details will be reserved for a collection that I am in the midst of penning :P

One thought on “Why blog?”

  1. Thanks to a classy lady on TERB Kathleen aka BadKat my membership was reinstated in early 2017. I am going to resurrect this blog though because even though TERB is a useful resource, it is rife with censorship. A link to this blog will be made to my twitter account @KDouglas7 at some point in the near future.


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